All I want.

Assalammualaikum... ^^
Holla, sorry for spamming in there.

I know, I'm happy. happy to be met you.
I know, I'm grateful. grateful to know you.
I know, I'm lucky. lucky to be a person who is present in your life.
Although I'm not someone who is important to you. But is that wrong if I said I was afraid?
I'm afraid.... very afraid. I was so afraid that you will forget me.
I was afraid that you would leave me.
I was afraid that you would not be with me anymore.
I'm afraid if that's all happen.... I was so scared.
Because I'm afraid of losing you.

Because I know, if we met someone there will be a farewell.
And I.... I hate those words. I do not want it! Because now, I'm so used to being with you.
And I would feel empty if that feeling will disappear.

But, what I know now is.... I'm very happy. Because this day,
I can still see you. 
Talk to you.
Feel happy and sad because thought of you.
And all of you.... I like all of them.
That's all I feel.
That's all I know.

So, please. Don't be far from me.
Because YOU, is everything to me.

Because YOU,
are my happiness,
my sorrow,
my dreams,
my hopes,

All I want is you.