Can I choose?

Assalammualaikum minna-chan! how are youu? ^-^
today, i don't know why i'm so lazy and not in mood to finish my homework -_-a
my activities today: in the morning, i just lying on my bed and watching tv until afternoon.
in the evening i watch anime and reading shoujo manga until i feel so dizzy and sleepy ~ zZzz =w=
and now, after reading manga, i feeling so envy with that chara because i want people like that chara have too TAT

and i remember the words i love in that....
"you can't choose the person you want to love with, but you can follow your heart and you'll happy because of it"
that words makes me feel so uneasy. it's really hurts because you can choose the person you want to love with. if we can, maybe no one hurts because of love. no one broken heart because of love. no one feel dissapointed because of  love. no one crying too much because of love. feeling free, and no pain in life.
i just thinking that.... i just want to choose someone i love who always care to me, love me more than anything, proud of me no matter what, very harmly, always remind me to Allah and it makes me more closely to Allah.
but... it's impossible. because i know, the words that chara say, it's 100% right!

it's really really impossible for someone to choose someone their love. because love is like some virus. it always suprising everyone who fallin with it.
and there is the words who make me wake up on my dreams.
"you are the real loser who always want happy ending in your life! it's too shameful because you can't face your life, your love, and your dreams with reality"

i don't know what should i write in the final part on the post.
sorry, i can't write the moral value about this post. but i hope minna-chan enjoying my post. thankyouu ~ ^o^)/