why love in the real life not beautiful as shoujo manga?

Assalammualaikum!!! ohayo minna-chan ^-^)/ ~
nani shiteru no? this time, i just lying with my boyfriend. yeah, you're right! that is my bed--"

well, according to the theme, i'm going to tell you about things who always come on my wind. not bad things anyway, just annoying things from my mind--"
. . . annoying? why? just read my mind now!

minna-chan, do you even read a shoujo manga?
in shoujo manga, most of main chara is someone who are not interest, very ordinary, not perfect, just very opposite of the main chara couple a.k.a her crush (which is usually perfect). and rival of the main chara (which usually also perfect) who loves main chara crush is always do anything to get love from him '-' but in shoujo manga stories, definitely is a happy ending because the main chara will definitely get love of her crush.

the cool sides of manga shoujo is the power of love is conquers anything. it is like that chara not looking for someone face, someone perfection, rich, etc. but if it's connected with the real life, it seems very opposite.
many people in real life see someone just from perfection, demanding her partner to look perfect, loving someone just because of wealth that he had, etc. it's definetely different because i think it is not real love!!! >_<

because love is supposed to shoujo manga which pairs of chara is sacrifice.
and more cool sides of shoujo manga is all of main chara and her crush will definitely together.
and you know, what makes me excited when reading it? it was something like "please, go out with me", "will you marry me?", "i want to see you", "i just want you", etc.
and when the main chara was upset because her crush, a lot of words that makes me want to crying like "just look at me now", "yeah, i know. i know that you fallin' for her but not me", "i'm not perfect like her", "what should i do?", "why i remember him too much?", "i'm such a pain", "am i the worst?", etc.
and when the main chara getting hurt because her rival of love it words like "don't bother him anymore!", "it is all your fault!", "you just pain for him!", "go to hell and die!", etc. aaargh make me want to slice her mouth ~ 'w'

and what's on my mind... "why love in the real life is not as beautiful as shoujo manga?" and now i learn from shoujo manga. i know the answer is because....
"you're wrong because it is not your real partner" and "you don't fight for someone"

and if i connect that answer with my life, i have know why i'm always getting hurt because of my love. that answer is same. it's because i love wrong person or because i don't fight for that person. it's because i always give up for that person or it's because i always feel less than other girls.

so, to get your love, you must wait for your love.
fight for your love.
pray for your love.
don't give up so easily.
don't feel less than other girls.
and you will get happy ending like a shoujo manga ^-^