This Year Birthday.

Assalamu'alaikum! hello everyone, I tried my best not to used Bahasa because I want to improve my English skills. yesterday, June 11th was my birthday and now I'm officially 21 years old. >w<
I'm not usually this happy but this year I don't know why I kind of being extra happy about my birthday. the usual me don't like to tell or update something about birthday because I found it was ashamed for me to do that kind of stuff. but yesterday because my close friends are sending me wishes, I'm so happy, wanted to cry, also touched at the same time. the first one that congratulate me at 00.02 am were my little sister. she is told me that she wanted me to be healthy, happy, graduated from college with good grade, and found someone that kind and love me and my family. I'm already touched by her words. she is talked to me personally, that's why I'm being crybaby and happy at the same time lol. I'm so grateful really... I can't be this happy, this is the one of the moments that I wanted to treasure ever I guess. ♡
then my close friends are congratulate me, all of them send me the wishes before 01.00 am, that's make me touched too. I don't know if someone like me can be this happy and giggling like crazy lol. X'))
btw I don't know if between all of my close friends there is someone that I like or not, because I'm this happy when they are send me the wishes but it kind of hard for me to falling in love or into something like that (again). for me, it's not really easy to love someone nor move on. I hope that someday I will met someone that kind to me and my parents. also... always helps me to get closer to Allah SWT. that really is my ideal type right now. ^^
you know, happiness comes when your heart naturally thinks that this is the true meaning of happiness. yesterday I felt like that and that's so warm and nice having people that your love is being kind and care about you. I will also treasure them and always care for them. I promise here to myself!!!
thank you all of you who send me the wishes and made my birthday become this (BIG) happy. I can't thank you enough. really. :"))

btw that's all guys, thank you so much for read this eventhough this isn't really something important lol. see you guys on my next post! have a good day!!! ♡